The 2015 UCI Road World Championships (Worlds) is the first Road World Championships ever to receive the official UCI reCycling eco-label which recognizes environmentally responsible cycling events.

UCI reCycling eco-label AT A GLANCE

  • reCycling program created in 2010
  • Helps members organize more environmentally friendly cycling events
  • reCycling criteria covers: transportation, energy and water conservation, recycling and waste management, accommodations, catering and supplies
  • Event organizers submit a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan to document intended actions

What is our focus at the 2015 worlds?

  • Rethink waste (reduce consumption, recycle, compost, water fill stations, etc.)
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation (bike valets, shuttles, buses, etc.)
  • Be healthy (healthy, local food, bike safety and education, etc.)
  • Leave a positive legacy (bike friendly city, clean-ups, urban greening, sustainable events, etc.)

 What will you see at the 2015 worlds?

  • Friendly “Green Team” volunteers
  • Comprehensive, visible and color coded waste diversion system
  • Mobile water filling stations
  • Bike valets
  • More to come!