Why Partner with Richmond 2015

Perhaps more than any other sport, cycling is truly international in character. Cyclists are the second largest (and the fastest growing) group of competitive and recreational athletes in the world. Only soccer boasts more worldwide participants. Every year more than 25 million spectators line the roads of France for 21 days to witness the worlds largest annual sporting event . . . the Tour de France.

Today, the United States is experiencing a resurgence in cycling’s popularity. The U. S. has more recreational and competitive cyclists than golfers, skiers, and tennis players combined. The growing number of cycling enthusiasts tend to be young, affluent, and well educated, with a considerable interest in quality and value. Many cycling enthusiasts are professionals, managers, and decision-makers that exhibit a high degree of brand loyalty.

A cycling event draws more than just cycling fans, however. Cycling attracts spectators and curious onlookers from across numerous demographic categories, in part because most cycling events are free and open to the public.

An event like the Worlds creates an opportunity to build a long- lasting bond with a highly coveted demographic that is hard to reach in today’s saturated media and marketing landscape. More than just traditional media placements, Richmond 2015 offers customized partnerships that includes on-site, on-air and online components that reach a local, national and international audience.

Partnership Opportunities

While the races are at the heart of the event, the Worlds is much more than a bike race. Fans will be treated to festivals, live music, expositions, community participation events and much more. The variety of activities and events that surround the Worlds will provide ample entertainment for fans while providing corporate partners with a tremendous opportunity to engage such an attractive demographic.

Partnerships opportunities with Richmond 2015 are highly customizable to specifically meet the goals and objectives of your organization. Packages can be developed to leverage both your employee and client base, as well as serve as a marketing platform to engage potential customers.

Richmond 2015 also offers countless opportunities for corporate partners to engage in the years leading up to the 2015 World Championships. Such opportunities could include:

  • a series of mass participation events,
  • logo usage,
  • online visibility through website, newsletters and social media,
  • corporate speaking opportunities,
  • broadcast media,
  • and much more.

For more information or to discuss partnership opportunities please contact Richmond 2015.